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    (By Lorenzo Párraga). 


    At the age of 5, back in 1968, my parents Lorenzo and María moved to the municipality of Cártama, in the heart of the Guadalhorce Valley, Malaga, where they acquired a farm to devote to Agriculture.


    The first thing they did was to plant the Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez vineyard, to continue with the family tradition of making sweet and dry wines typical of Malaga. Year after year the grape was collected and made the wine for consumption by family and friends. 

    Together with my parents and siblings, I was acquiring, day by day and year by year, the knowledge, tradition and passion for the cultivation of the vineyard and the elaboration of the typical Wines of Malaga.



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    This passion for the vineyard, the wine, the winery and for the authenticity of our southern land, was born in me and in my brothers from our earliest childhood, so it is that, in 2010 I decided to concentrate all my energy on my Great PASSION, the Family Winery.

    It is from this date when our brand was born: "LASCAS DE PEDERNAL".



    Professionalizing our facilities and incorporating the latest technologies, such as destemmers, pneumatic presses, cold control, laboratory equipment, etc. 


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    At the same time we have added to our team, agronomists, winemakers, sommeliers, warehouse personnel, cultivation of our vineyards, administration and resource management, etc., all this has allowed us to develop the current project.





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    (Lascas de Pedernal). 


    Our winery, our name, is formed by two words, Lascas and Pedernal, so we call ourselves: 


    By own inscription in our oldest era, these words come out in the Ancestral Cartama.  

    The Pedernal stone, which was used by the early Cártameños in their eagerness to make weapons and utensils, removing Lascas and Lascas to obtain their ideal size, giving multiple forms to the Pedernal stone. 

    The authentic, the manual, without time, days will come, months and years.



    (Our Collection). 



    Cellar Lascas de Pedernal, presents its magnificent collection, from its vineyards of Cártama, ideal place, to achieve the optimum point of ripening of the grapes. 

    We have wines of the type Tranquilo Seco DO Sierra de Málaga, Tranquilo Naturally Sweet Wines with DO Málaga, two sparkling wines from Moscatel and Rossé and we introduce two novelties, Sweet Aromatized Drink and Fermented Soft Drink. 



    In this family we have white and red wines, all are quiet, that is, they have no added alcohol, their alcohol comes from fermentation.

    We have two white wines of the Moscatel de Málaga variety (Moscatel de Alejandría).

    One of them young and the other with 3 months of Aging, in French Oak barrels, called MOSCATEL YOUNG and MOSCATEL 3M. 

    Two reds of the Tempranillo variety, one with 12 months of Aging and the other with 15 months of aging, in French Oak barrels, called TEMPRANILLO 12 M and TEMPRANILLO 15M.

    Two red varieties Petit Verdot, one with 12 months of aging and the other with 15 months of aging in French Oak barrels, called PETIT VERDOT 12M and PETIT VERDOT 15M.


    Sierras de Malaga Estos vinos secos, todos están acogidos a la D.O. Sierras de Málaga. 



    In this family we also have white and red wines, the whites are of the Muscat variety of Malaga, one with 3 months of aging and another with 12 months of aging in French Oak barrels with acacia funds and light roasting, called NATURALLY SWEET MOSCATEL 3M and NATURALLY SWEET MOSCATEL 12M.

    The reds are obtained by making a coupa of three grapes in the manufacturing process, Syrah (60%), Petit Verdot (30%) and cabernet souvignon (10%), also one of them with 3 months of aging and the other with 12 Aging months, in French oak barrels with medium toast. Denominated: TINTO DULCE SYRAC 3M and TINTO DULCE SYRAC 12M. 

    For the elaboration of these wines, the grapes are sunned to concentrate the sugars, to the correct level to obtain the desired wine, in terms of alcohol and residual sugar in the finished product. 

    The sunning is done on platforms of hurdles raised 40 cm from the ground, so that the grapes are properly aerated and avoid the appearance of fungi and rot.

    We have a system of plastic awnings to cover the platforms in case of rain and at night so that the dew does not fall.




    The flavored drinks of Bodega Lascas are made on a Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel wine base, with more than 20 years of aging in American oak boots. 

    The base wine is flavored with fruit or fruit skin, dehydrated. Once the wine is in storage, dehydrated fruit skins are poured on it and the necessary time is maintained in maceration, which ranges between 3 and 6 months. 

    When the maceration is over, the skins are removed in the press and the cold filtering and stabilization process for bottling begins. 

    The fruits that are used to aromatize, are selected and collected at their optimum ripeness, then, in a very delicate and artisanal way, the skins are made or the pulp is extracted to dehydrate it in the sun, with a completely natural process. Although, the regulation on aromatized drinks, says that the wine base to be used must contain at least 75% of wine, in BODEGA LASCAS, the wine base is 100% wine with more than 20 years of aging.  





    In Bodega Lascas: we have created a family of fermented products that are made with fruits ripened on the tree or in the plant and freshly cut.

    The% of alcohol they have is that acquired in the fermentation phase.

    This is done in a very controlled way, that is, selected yeasts are used for each type of fruit and, it is made in refrigerated tanks at a very low temperature, controlling at all times its optimum level according to the type of fruit. In this way we get very aromatic products, very fruity and with a perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, aromas and palate. 

    Each fermented product we make is mono varietal, with a single fruit, in this way we manage to get all the splendor of each one of them, in aromas, color, taste, etc.

    These drinks are unique and original, created from a process of experimentation and trials for more than 5 years, until you get really amazing products that adapt to a wide range of pairings, cocktails and combinations.


    (Quality, Image, Elegance and Excellence). 



    Our Philosophy is based on words with great power: Quality, Image, Elegance and Excellence.


    We make quality instead of quantity, we seek and pursue the highest possible quality in our products, we pay close attention to all the details, small and large, we strive to study and research continuously, so that the QUALITY in everything we increase every day more and more. 


    We are passionate about image, aesthetics, styling; we take care of the image and pamper it, taking inspiration from the color of the vines, the shape of their trunks, the color of the flowers, the color of the sky, the shape of the earth.
    With our colors we want to convey joy, intrigue, curiosity and awaken the desire to know.  



    Elegance encompasses everything, it is the set of perceived sensations of the union of details, of the union of a harmonious color, of the union of an intense contrast, of the union of a polished design to the millimeter.
    We take care of the elegance on the outside and the elegance on the inside, by this I mean the elegance of the product, we look for the conversation with the senses, we look for the conversation with our audience, that their vision speaks to us, that their smell speaks to us, that they speak to us his palate ... 


    What a beautiful word, what a breadth, what an intense power. Excellence is to take every day to the maximum expression of everything that is thought and then everything that is done.
    Excellence is to think that the best was done, that today I do more because I have learned more, and that tomorrow I will do even better because my knowledge will have increased.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items