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Orange flavored aromatic beverage, elaborated with a base wine 20 years old, of the varieties Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel, macerated with bitter orange rinds (Cachorreña variety) of the banks of the Guadalhorce River. 

CATAVINUM2016.pngSabor a Malaga Pedro Ximénez y Moscatel

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Prime Ingredients: Wine 20 years old aged in oak barrels, 85% Pedro Ximénez, 15% Moscatel and rinds of dehydrated Cachorreña bitter oranges.

Elaboration: First the orange rinds are extracted and they are moved to drying installations measuring 150x150 cms. with a reed base, for perfect aeration of the rinds and with a plastic covering that carries out two functions, 1 which is to avoid the rinds from getting wet from morning dew and occasional rainfall and 2, speeding up the dehydration process with greenhouse effect.

The dehydrated rinds are added to the wine in stainless steel vats where they are kept for 5 to  6 months in maceration for the extraction of aromas and flavors. Once this is achieved, the rinds are removed by pneumatic press and the process for bottling the product starts.

Characteristics that define this beverage: A sweet aromatic beverage, that is surprising because of its amber orange color and slightly bitter taste.