In Tienda BODEGALASCAS we want your shopping experience to be perfect from the moment you choose your products until you enjoy them at home with yours, and that is why we have taken maximum care of the process of sending and delivering our products, choosing the best logistics companies and market transport.

Likewise, with the same goal of maximum satisfaction in your purchases and so that you do not have to wait to enjoy our products, we offer you the shipment of your purchase within 24 to 48 hours throughout the national territory (except Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), and all this at the best possible price.

Our product differs by its quality. To guarantee it and maintain the necessary conservation conditions, during the summer period (from June to September, both inclusive) they will only be sent through the Urgent delivery system. This means that, during the mentioned period, the Normal transport service is interrupted without exception. Orders verified after the cut-off time of Thursday will not be prepared until the following Monday to guarantee the quality of the products in transport.

During the winter period (from October to May, both inclusive) the customer can choose the shipping method (Normal or Urgent), and can have free shipping from a certain value of the purchase made, and the destination of the same , always associated with the Normal shipping service:

For national purchases over € 100 in mainland Spain and Portugal with the Normal shipping service in winter, the shipping service is free.
For international purchases (EU European countries), Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla in winter, exceeding € 150, shipping is free for Normal services.

As we have indicated, during the summer period (from June to September, both inclusive), the shipments will be urgent, and the customer will assume the total amount of the transport or part of it, depending on the value of the purchase made and the fate of it.


Normal (national shipments Peninsula and Portugal <€ 100 and international shipments, Islands, Ceuta and Melilla <€ 150)

Rest Spain
BalearesCanarias, Ceuta and Melilla
2-3 dias7 dias7 dias5-7 dias5-7 dias
9,00 €9,00 €9,00 €



These deadlines may vary depending on the unavailability of stock of items contained in the order, as well as specific dates of high activity such as the Christmas campaign, not guaranteeing compliance with the published deadlines.

Due to the operation of the warehouse in relation to the preparation of orders, all purchases made subsequently at 1:30 p.m. will suffer an additional day of increase in their delivery time.

Deliveries will be made on working days (excluding Saturdays), and the deadlines shown are working days and not natural days.

They are not included in the offer price. VAT: 21%.

Goods limited by weight or measure under the following conditions: Expeditions of more than 600 kg. Packages greater than 30 kg., And that the sum of their measurements exceeds 300 cm. 



The departures from the Canary Islands by sea transport (Normal shipments) will occur on Fridays, which may affect the approximate delivery times published on the web.

Shipments to the Canary Islands will have an additional cost for customs management (Simplified Declaration) of € 10 for shipments whose value does not exceed € 150, it being necessary to attach a commercial invoice, a declaration of value or proforma invoice not being valid. In these cases no export or import documents (DUA) will be issued. This exemption for shipments with less than € 150 value is only allowed for B2B and B2C shipments, not allowed for shipments between individuals. Alcohol shipments are excluded, even if the shipment is less than € 150 value.

For shipments with a value exceeding € 150, the cost overrun for customs management will be € 51.43 for customs clearance in the Peninsula and Canary Islands. In no case are taxes included in the Canary Islands.

Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla will have an additional cost for customs management of € 40 to Ceuta and € 80 to Melilla, respectively, as a customs clearance on the peninsula. Excluding taxes and duties at destination.

Customs clearance will be assumed by the recipient at the time of purchase in the online store, never at destination.


In services with return corresponding to failed deliveries or customer refusals, not to return, the return bridge will be billed as new shipment. Shipment returns will be the same cost as one way shipping.