Naturally Sweet Moscatel 3M

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Naturally Sweet Moscatel Wine with 3 months of ageing in French oak barrels with acacia bottoms and light toasting. Denomination D´Origine of Málaga (D.O. Málaga). 

D.o Sierras de MalagaLogoSabor a Malaga UvaMoscatel  2016Gold

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Prime Ingredients: 100% Moscatel de Alejandría grapes of Málaga.

Elaboration: Once the harvest is over, the grapes are moved to the drying installations where the airing of the grapes is done on reed platforms that are raised above the ground at 50 cms, in this way we achieve perfect aeration of the grapes avoiding fungus or rot.

We also place a plastic covering with a pyramid shape that slides on rails which we deploy at night and remove in the morning, in order to avoid the grapes from receiving dew or occasional rainfall.

Once the aeration process is over, the grapes are transferred to the wine cellar, keeping them in refrigerated chambers during 24 hours, for cold elaboration.

First the stems are removed from the grapes and the grapes are introduced in a pneumatic press, where the must is removed, with the press rotating without exerting pressure, to obtain in this way a very high quality must.

Next the must is transferred to the decanting vat, where several stirrings are done keeping the product at a very low temperature of around 2º C.

For fermentation we use selected yeasts (Saccaromyces cerevisiae), controlling the temperature at all times, between 12 and 18 degrees centigrade, in this way we achieve super aromatic wines that are super fruity.

Characteristics that define it: A semi-sweet wine with great balance between sweetness and acidity. Very elegant in the mouth and with very floral aromas

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